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Posted by Gareth Frewer on

First and for most I want to welcome you to the New .com store, I am hoping you find it easier to navigate and to use in general in comparison to the FB store! 

I want to start this post by letting you all know how thankful I am to each of you, your support orders and kind words of encouragement over the past few years has been so hear warming, I am truly blessed!


My working hours: 

As many of you know I have a few health issues that can flair up from time to time so my working hours for processing/picking orders are as follows: 

Monday -  Tuesday & Saturday 9-5pm

I work a day job Wednesday/Thursday and Friday so I will do what I can once home!

Sunday is my day off! 

Orders placed after these times or on a Sunday will be dealt with in a timely manner (probably the next working day) 



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  • Hi Gareth. 1st. to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed this guy card colab. you all did. It was totally awsome to watch. I could not find the rafflecopter so here is my entry:
    axe, brace, chainsaw, drill, electric drill, fretsaw, grinder, hammer, impact wrench
    jugsaw, knife, lathe, mallet, nails, oilcan, pliers, quarter inch wrench, ratchet, screwdriver, tape measure, upholstery hammer, vice, wrench, xyron, yardstick, Zipties…..
    Thank you for this great collaboration. It was wonderful.

    Linda Gowlett on

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